Best way to buy and sell sustainable Bitcoin hashrate

Exahash is providing access to highest quality Bitcoin hashrate for retail and institutional clients.
Dedicated to sustainability.

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Sustainable Bitcoin hashrate.
Directly from the best mining companies.

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Sustainable hashrate revolution

Exahash is the world’s first place to buy and trade Bitcoin hashrate for retail and institutional clients in secondary markets. By owning sustainable hashrate you participate in securing the Bitcoin network and mitigating emissions.

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Stack more sats

Receive Bitcoin that is produced in a sustainable way. Acquire Bitcoin daily with mining rewards.

Trade on secondary markets

Make your hashrate liquid and tradable.

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Best way to access mining

Get direct access to exclusive industrial grade Bitcoin mining operations without hassle.
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Secured and non-custodial

Mined bitcoins are kept in high security cold storage setups and there is always an option for self custody.
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Verified hashrate

Only audited hashrate providers are allowed on the platform.

As the Bitcoin network grows to become key to our financial system, hashrate will also become a fundamental piece of infrastructure in our global economy, similar to commodities such as oil and steel today.

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Connecting digital energy

In the next decade Bitcoin hashrate will be implemented as an economical solution in energy markets, by utilizing competitive worldwide energy sources and connecting market participants.
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Renewable and sustainable sources

Hashrate is price-sensitive and location-agnostic, which incentivizes the development of intermittent renewable energy sources like wind and solar, as well as stranded sources of energy like waste methane.

Three types of Hash products.

Exahash platform offers direct access to Hash Sales, and the trading of Passive and Active Hash.

Hash Sale

Hash sales are pre-sales of hashrate before the hashrate is available for customers.
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Passive Hash

Passive Hash products carry all the Bitcoin mined during the duration of the Hash product. Exahash offers secondary market for trading Passive Hash.
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Active Hash

Active Hash product pay out mined Bitcoin daily. Exahash offers secondary markets for trading of Active Hash.
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Get access to Bitcoin hashrate.

Find suitable Hash sales, view ongoing mining operations with Active and Passive Hash.

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Explore the details

View detailed information about each
Hash operation and company.
Choose the right one for you.

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Your Hash. Your Bitcoin

Simple dashboard to show owned Hash Sales, Passive and Active Hash holdings and cumulative sats received.

Exahash Dashboard

Trade on secondary markets.

Introducing the world's first revolutionary exchange for trading sustainable and verified hashrate on secondary markets.

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Decentralizing hashrate.

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Coming online in 2024